ADEX PLASTICS AND MACHINERY has an unrelenting quest for excellence and continual improvement.
• All our suppliers are established brands, manufactured under the highest international quality criteria
• All ADEX PLASTICS AND MACHINERY local repair and maintenance operational systems are aligned to

International ISO 9001 criteria that include:
o Customer focus
o Leadership
o People involvement
o Process approach
o System approach to management
o Continual improvement
o Factual approach to decision making
o Mutually beneficial supplier

ADEX PLASTICS AND MACHINERY adheres to all occupational H&S legislation and guidelines currently prevalent in South Africa. We promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being amongst our workforce and prevent any harm or loss among them, the organisation, the community and surrounding environment.

Specific H&S Objectives we pursue include
• To offer personal and environments protection against work induced or work aggravated hazards
• To educate and train our employees in H&S awareness
• To identify, assess and monitor all potential hazards related to the work procedure that may affect the employees, the environment
and community
• To provide control measures to reduce exposure to industrial hazards in terms of national and, where necessary, international standards
• To adhere, at all times, to occupational H&S legislation and guidelines currently prevalent in South Africa, and
• To align our operations to OHSAS 18001 H&S and ISO 14001 environmental stipulations.